Amazing At-Home Workouts To Get You Back Into Shape


Get your body back in gear for the New Year with these simple yet effective workouts you can do right on your bedroom floor. With all the chocolate and margaritas the festive holiday brings, it’s easy to abandon your regular fitness routine and lose track of your diet. These at-home workouts can then help you burn off those extra calories to help you fit into your little black dress. From doing traditional burpees to toning your arms with commando push-ups, try these exercise routines to get your body back in shape and looking its best.

1) Single-Leg Deadlift: Get toned legs and glutes with a single-leg deadlift to help you prep for short season. Holding a pair of dumbbells, raise your right leg backwards to make it parallel to the floor and bend your left knee. Lower your upper body and bend forward, letting your arms hang down while carrying the weights. Then switch legs and repeat. Use your glutes when bending forward and back up to keep your core engaged.

2) Burpees and lunges interval: Incorporate a bit of high-intensity interval training into your regular workout routine to get a full body workout and see faster results. Try alternating between burpees and lunges to help you burn more calories and lose more weight. Push your way through 30 seconds of high-energy burpees as your cardio fix to get your blood pumping and slow down with alternate lunges to keep your muscles engaged.

3) Commando Push-Ups: Define your arms with a few reps of commando push-ups. This twist on a traditional push-up combines planking to increase upper body strength. Start off in a push-up position by planting your palms on the floor and extending both legs behind you. Then lower into a plank position by lowering your right forearm first followed by your left forearm and return back to a push-up position by pushing up on your right arm then your left. Continue alternating between right and left and repeat this motion for at least 30 seconds.

4) Mountain Climber Push-Up: Get a rounder butt and sculpted abs with a mountain climber push-up. Starting from a push-up position, alternate between bringing your right and left knee towards your chest then do two push-ups before repeating the same sequence. This exercise mostly works your legs and your core while also strengthening your arms, quads and chest to help you get rid of your muffin top and squeeze into those skinny jeans.

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