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Newborn Belly Button Care

Caring for your baby’s navel is of utmost importance. Parents need to observe precaution while cleaning this sensitive area as it is vulnerable to infections

Pimples on the Arms

Pimples on the arms are caused due to any of the reasons, like skin dryness, lack of vitamin D, and hormonal shifts. Some more information

Best DIY Bath Rituals For A Restful Sleep

March is National Sleep Month, and a perfect time to add a comforting bath to bedtime routines. Terese Linke, global spa training and education director

Rashes in Babies

Infants are quite prone to developing rashes on their delicate skin. Most of these skin conditions resolve on their own, but it is essential to

Hormonal Imbalance and Acne

Are hormonal imbalance and acne connected? They are. In the following article, we will look through the reasons why this happens and what the solutions